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Thursday August 25, 2016


Member since: October 10, 2008
Last visit: September 28, 2014
Name: Olga
Gender: Female
Location: Belgrade
Country: Serbia
Fav. BEP:
Fav. Song: Don't Phunk with my Heart
Fav. Video: Hey Mama
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category: Anything | January 2 | @797 | comments comments(6)

1. Real name: Olga 2. Nickname: don't have one.. 3. Zodiac Sign: Sagittarius 4. Male or female: female 5. Elementary School: finished lol 6. High School: almost finished.. 7. College: none yet 8. Hair color: blue/black 9. Tall or short: short 10. Fat or thin: in between i guess 11. Sweats or Jeans: jeans 12. Phone or Camera: both 13. Health freak: no 14. Orange or Apple: apple 15. Do you have a crush on someone: not really 16. Eat or Drink: Both 17. Piercings: 7... more coming up.. 18. Pepsi or Coke: pepsi HAVE YOU EVER 19. Been in an airplane: nope 20. Been in love : no, im a stone...

category: Anything
comments comments(2)
added on: 10/06 @881


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10/06/13 @699
lol no problem. I almost never come on here myself.. this site is falling to pieces, primarily because it desperately needs maintenance & the admins totally abandoned it a long time ago. Good video games are Skyrim, Oblivion, Dragon Age Origins and Dragon Age 2.. there are plenty more but those are my favorites ;o nothing much is up me.. I'm just creeped out right now because it sounded like someone was outside of my bedroom window.. o_0 what about you? How are you? still in school? ;p
03/16/13 @452
Haha I wonder if my computer would even let me download anything that big.. this computer is so old.. and my internet is SLOW, it's like a step above dial-up... the only advantage is that you can be on the phone and on the internet at the same time xD *back on subject* actually, I haven't felt much like watching almost anything lately.. only the Underworld movies and Sherlock Holmes and a few fantasy films :p everything else is just boring to me for some reason :p I've been playing a lot of video games lately.. Sorry if I already asked you this, but do you like to play video games? :p I heard that the next Hobbit film will be released next Christmas.. that's too long ;__; ... I hope they don't move the date forward >_< haha that's cool, I listend to Sympho metal a lot when I was younger, then I stopped for 2-3 years and a year or so ago I got back into it. I also have gotten into a bit of Power metal.. have you ever heard of Falconer? They have a renaissance-y sound to them that I can't seem to get enough of.. && sorry for the late reply, I had a brain fart :p
03/09/13 @333
well okay just checked my old messages.... since we didnt talk for a long time i guess u mean australia in general..... well everything is going great... im in melbourne now.... and sweating like crazy lol.... living in an apartment with 3 other girls and try to find a job.... besides that .... just enjoying life far away from home lol

damn it sucks that u cant see the sent messages here... then i would know what i already told u lol
03/09/13 @330
hey hey how are u? really sick? whats going on? hope your okay now.... <3

im good.... what do you mean by trip? sorry we didnt talk a while.... do you mean australia in general or what do you mean? cause i did a trip on the great ocean road here recently... did u mean this one? sorry dont know what i told you lol.....
03/06/13 @649
hahah dont worry :) you dont have twitter?
03/06/13 @632
I've never watched Game of Thrones, mostly because I don't have cable and it's only on cable :p I've never read the books but my brother is reading them have you read any of them? Do you like the show? I think it sounds like an interesting fantasy universe. And I want the next Hobbit to come out right now.. =x

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